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We're Devon + Johni Divine! We're two photographers that just happen to be in love. Currently, we're snuggled in our own little corner of the South. We love to travel with our kids (Cam, Talia & Navy.. you'll hear a lot about them!) and binge watch our favorite shows while eating Graeters ice cream. We're big coffee shop people which is most likely where you'll find us during a date! We like to think of ourselves as chill but super ready to have a good time at any moment.

Connection is the most important to us! We love becoming friends with our clients so that on the wedding day or even just an hour session you don't feel like we're just two strangers!

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Our Family

Unscripted Adventure


We met years ago at church and quickly decided we could never be JUST friends.. things have never been the same since! We are almost 5 years apart in age (Johni aka the wifey is the older one!) This is forever a joke between us and our friends. We are truly inseparable and insanely crazy about each other! We truly are best friends and are either full on making fun of each other or laughing together most of the time.

We dream of building a life together that is unique to us. The small in-between moments are most important.. like hearing our kids giggle or falling asleep while watching a movie together. We LOVE, love and are beyond blessed to do life together!

A little more about our own love story...

You ready to talk details? We'd love to meet with you! Whether its over coffee or facetime..Lets talk! We want to make sure we're your perfect fit. 

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